Friday, 27 March 2009

Mr. Pheasant R.I.P.

Today Mr. Pheasant did not show up, but the other male pheasant stayed here for a long time. He usually gets chased away by Mr. Pheasant, but today no sign. Very unusual. In the car park there were a few pheasant feathers, blown over from the road perhaps. They looked like they were from a female. I walked down the road but saw nothing. On the way back I went onto the verge and saw more feathers, but not many. A few large brown feathers that could have been from a female or male, but no long tail feathers. Then I found some small feathers with blue tips. They looked like male feathers. There was just one small bone with flesh. Whoever had killed this bird had eaten at least some of it by the side of the road. My last photo of Mr. Pheasant was one with his harem of females, taken 2 days ago. This was his fourth year here. Why did he cross the road? I saw a female crossing back this morning, perhaps he had been following her.

Sunday, 15 March 2009

Daffodils in the Wood

I planted these daffodils in the wood three years ago, but they have not flowered until this year.

Max's New Bed

Max gets stressed when he can't find a cosy bed. I took a gamble buying this one, as he is very fussy where he sleeps, but he loves it & won't let anyone else near it.

Sunday, 1 March 2009

Trip to Basingstoke

Thursday Feb. 27th we went from Lymington to Basingstoke via the Wightlink ferry. It was the second day the 2 new ferries were running. They are replacing the old ones, which are 35 years old. The new ones have been laid up for about 6 months as it was thought that the extra wash they create might harm the Lymington mudflats, but suddenly Wightlink got impatient and set them to sail without any warning, which has caused some upset.