Monday, 9 November 2009

More Squirrels.......

This lovely squirrel watched me take many photos while he munched on an acorn. His nose was strangely dark, but I think it was from rooting around in the damp leaves beneath the trees when he dug out the acorn. He was with two other squirrels, and we saw another further along the lane eating what looked like a bit of toadstool or mushroom. He nibbled around the edges before stretching up a tree and pushing it between two branches, saving it for later no doubt!

A closer look at his strange nose! He looked fat and healthy, even with his dark nose and one ear longer than the other!
While I took the photos three elderly walkers came past. The last one asked me what we were looking at. Thinking they were Islanders, I just replied "A squirrel".
"Oh, it's a red one!" she replied, and I then presumed they were visitors to the Isle of Wight, as all residents know there are no grey squirrels here. Nevertheless, her two companions were distinctly uninterested, and continued their walk without either looking or commenting.

Pyrography field mice on a slice of wood, unknown origin but possibly oak.

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

My Favourite Walk.

This walk used to be a railway line between Freshwater and Yarmouth (Isle of Wight). I expect the branches will be stripped bare of all the lovely autumn leaves the next time we go, as we have had gales today and yesterday.
In between dog walkers and silent cyclists, red squirrels come out and root around for acorns on the path. There is a lovely cafe at the Freshwater end, called 'The End Of The Line', which sell hot, home made quiche with salad and hot sausage baguettes.

At the other end, through the woods and along side the estuary is Yarmouth, and Gossips cafe that is built on posts over the sea. In Gossips you can eat a meal while watching the comings and goings of the car ferry, which docks nearby.

I love this little squirrel. He looks like a baby and he wasn't scared of us at all!