Friday, 18 December 2009

Avoiding the rain

Usual walk along the FW to Yarmouth old railway track. We walk through woods, looking out for squirrels, until finally the woods stop and the view is open across the Yar estuary. It was threatening to rain all day. Looking towards Yarmouth it looked fine, but turning round at the same spot the clouds look threatening, although we got back to the car without getting wet.

Rolly keeps sitting on the cupboard next to the Christmas tree. I have a pot of catnip here. I think he can smell it. He quite often keeps his mouth open when he's relaxed (which is most of the time)

Pyrography Horse

A horse I did from a photo. I was a bit reluctant to copy a photo, as it's hard to capture the true picture of an animal that is seen every day by the owners, but I was pleased with the result. It was done on Oak, which has the advantage of creating a lovely, black burn similar to an ink drawing, but the disadvantage of having a strong grain to work against.