Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Hares in the Snow

Brighstone Church

The snow has gone now. I just have photos to remind me. We had more snow than I can remember. It's unusual here, on the most southerly part of the Isle of Wight.

I was cut off by heavy drifts across the road, and running out of bread and milk! The only solution was to walk to my nearest village, three miles away. I made my way slowly down the back lanes, where the hedges had trapped the snow in unusual shapes. It took a while to get to the village, what with stopping to take photos.

Then I watched two hares running up a snowy hill straight towards me. I took photos until I realised how close they were getting, when I quickly changed to video.

Unfortunately my video skills are somewhat lacking, and the result was very jerky. I should have just kept with the still shots. Amazing sight. I saw another solitary hare further along, running in a straight line across a snow covered field. It seemed intent on getting somewhere, but all I could see was more snow! I watched it until I lost sight of it over the hill.

A thrush patiently waits for food in my garden. Old cat food is a favourite!

Pyrography With Relief

I saw a photo of a rabbit burnt onto a section of tree trunk and carved into relief. I wanted to have a go. It adds so much to the picture. I got a drill instead of chisels, as my pieces are quite small and detailed. The drill with a burr fitting was perfect for tracing around the branches without cutting through them.
The only trouble is, it's as noisy as one of the irritating micro-lights that fly over our house throughout the summer months. (Idiotic machines designed for nosy people who want to pollute the surroundings with their noise)
For that reason, as well as dust, I had to do the drilling outside. The top layer of the wood was soft. Beneath, it was a paler colour, which I was pleased with. The paler layer was quite hard, and I didn't go as deep as I wanted but the noise was so high pitched I was glad to turn it off.
I am pleased with the result. I now need more rustic wood sections to work on.