Monday, 26 April 2010

Pyrography Horse

A more detailed look at the horse I did for a commission. The picture was taken from a series of photos. The wood is oak. It has a hard grain, but I found the burn marks were black, almost like a pen and ink drawing.
I do pyrography like I draw, with many lines rather than shading. I haven't got the control yet to do shading as well as I would like.
This plinth was 8" tall and 6" wide.

Friday, 23 April 2010

Violets Everywhere!

Years ago I bought a small violet plant. Every year I get more and more of these lovely flowers cropping up, not only in the garden but along the wall of the house, by my door step and in between the slabs of the patio. They're flowering in pots where I haven't planted them, and around the rim of my half-barrel pond. I love them!

Sunday, 18 April 2010

Sowing Seeds

I have not got room for a greenhouse, but on Friday I bought one of those small, plastic ones with a metal frame and four shelves. Today, when we got back from the Sunday walk, out came the seeds and compost and I spent a lovely afternoon filling up trays and pots. Candy supervised, until she grew bored and went to sleep on a rug.
Max sat on the bench next to me, getting some real sun heat for a change.
Rolly rolled about on the grass by the hole in the hedge, cleaning himself and watching me taking his picture. As for Whiskers, who knows where he was. For him life is a never ending discovery of exciting things, only to be interrupted with quick visits home to see if we are all here, and there's a fresh bowl of food ready.

Saturday, 17 April 2010

Some photos from the garden.

Lovely crescent moon at the end of a sunny Spring day.

Whiskers on patrol. Soon the nettles and cow parsley will be taller than he is.

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Female pheasant having a nap on my bird table.

Sunday, 11 April 2010

Jay Day

A sunny walk down the old railway line today. Lots more people out, as we expected for a holiday Sunday. We have spotted the odd Jay along here before, but they are quite shy and I have not got a photo. Today we saw four, in different places along the track and I managed to get c ouple of decent shots.
We walked to Yarmouth and back, but no squirrels today. Probably too many dogs about.

Friday, 9 April 2010

Sunny Friday in the garden

Primroses and violets are my favourite flowers.

A strange old copper pot I found in a junk shop years ago. It looks like a minature coal scuttle. Last year we cut a hole in it and fixed it to a pump, and now a gentle stream of water trickles into my half-barrel pond.

Old horseshoes scattered round my garden. Rusty relics from the horse I owned for over 20 years.

As I sit at my table by the window, I'm watching a little blue tit hop from branch to branch in the tiny willow tree outside, collecting bits of cat fluff that has drifted in the breeze.

There's a strange lumpy bit in the middle of my neighbours lawn. Rolly found it made a nice cushion when he was sunbathing.

Wednesday, 7 April 2010


Spotted the first violet in the garden today. Last year I had so many! They seemed to spread all along the edges of the house, and round the door. In fact, any little crevice in the concrete or gravel, there was a violet! Unfortunately they don't smell, though.

Plenty of birds feeding from the seed on the lawn and on the table. A group of siskins visit regularly, and every day a beautiful goldcrest flits about in front of the garden window, catching insects amongst the shrubs. It is so quick I don't even bother to reach for the camera.

Candy wandered out. I am so lucky my cats do not bother the birds at all, and I throw a line of bird seed out on the lawn every day knowing the birds will be safe to eat. It's mainly for the pheasants, but so many small birds seem to prefer the lawn to the bird table.

Thursday, 1 April 2010

Flowers in my garden

Flowers in my garden
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It's been so sunny here, it's hard to believe the blizzards and snow drifts in other parts of the country at the moment.