Monday, 31 May 2010

Pottering about......... the garden. My favourite pastime. The last day of my two week (and a bit) holiday has been spent doing a bit of planting, a bit of watering, a bit of bee watching and a bit of sitting-with-a-cup-of-tea-ing. A day spent accompanied by cats everywhere, and the sound of birds singing, bees buzzing and the tinkling water of my tiny, home-made fountain.

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

There and back again.


I have been to East Leake, visiting my parents. I drove there for the first time, and was pleasantly suprised that the drive went quickly and with no problems, thanks to sat. nav.

The drive there followed M and A roads. The journey back took a more scenic, longer and complicated route. It was boiling hot, and I was glad not to be stuck on a motorway, although the longer route meant having to put my foot down on the last part in order to catch the half past five ferry from Lymington.

Before that, though, I stopped off for a half-way lunch break at Lechlade. I parked beneath the shade of a tree, and wandered off to find a shop for refreshments, a loo, a fantastic higgledy-piggledy antique shop where I bought two old pottery bottles. They are heavy and in lovely shades of blue. I already have a darker one, purchased years ago from an antique fair. I think they once held ink, around the 1920's.

Walking back to the car, I saw this fantastic window display. I have a thing about model horses, and carousel horses in particular. The bells and flowers were wonderful, all a bit spoilt by the melted candles!

When I finally arrived home I was greeted by the sight of the laburnum in full bloom, and the flowers out in the garden. So much has grown in just a week!

Saturday, 15 May 2010

New Arrival

Originally uploaded by Chine Cats
This little filly was born on Thursday evening. There are lots of horses and ponies where I live. None belong to me, unfortunately. I owned a Welsh Cob for over 20 years, but due to time and money I do not have one now.

Thursday, 13 May 2010

Siesta Time

Max loves the sun, and he knows where the best places are to catch the best of it, but he gets too hot and has to keep moving into the shade. He is so old, he deserves special treatment in the form of an old umbrella. He slept on the bench all afternoon.

Tuesday, 4 May 2010


Went our Sunday walk on Monday this week, avoiding rain and buffeting winds. The trees along the old railway line are turning into a spring-green tunnel.

Also noticed some apple blossom on a small tree by the side of the track. Wonder what sort of apples are growing here? Maybe an apple core was thrown out of a passing steam train many years ago. We started doing this walk regularly in October last year, so we are seeing the changing seasons for the first time.
No squirrels again. I hope they might be rearing young.

Sunday, 2 May 2010

Pheasant Trouble

We had a resident male pheasant for nearly four years. He lived in the garden all through the year, even when the females had disappeared. We gave him bird seed every day, but during a particularly harsh winter he huddled up under the apple tree and died. He was replaced with another, and that too lasted a couple of years before chasing a female across the road.
He, too, was replaced in the pheasant hierarchy with a small, blue backed male we called Mr.Blue.
This spring the females came back, and with them three males. Fighting started. Mr.Blue was the first casualty, with a broken leg. We saw him a couple of days, before he disappeared probably in the jaws of a fox. His replacement was quickly challenged by two males, one with a wide, white neck band and the other, dark and large. More damaged limbs followed and it seemed the larger bird was the victor. The females just did what female pheasants do, and completely ignored the fights to win their attention.
At this point we came to a tough decision. We don't wish to see injured birds from our window, so we stopped putting the seed on the grass and on the table. The small birds have seed holders still. After just a couple of days all females had moved on, leaving one lone male pheasant. The victor. He has patrolled the garden ever since, coming right up to the window at times. I am so tempted to feed him, but not at this time of the year. If he sticks it out until the winter, I might start the morning seed run again.