Tuesday, 29 June 2010


After a quick visit to the vets to make sure she wasn't micro-chipped, Kitty relaxes on the bench in the garden. She was suprisingly calm about the car trip, the dogs barking in the waiting room and the vet.

One of her favourite places to sleep on hot, sunny days is round the back of the house, in the guinea-pig run.

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Night time adventures

Warm summer nights call for wildcat action in the shape of Whiskers and Kitty. While Whiskers races around the orchard, exploring holes and leaping in the air at passing moths, Kitty takes her time and keeps safely to the path.
She watches and learns.

Meanwhile, the small doorstep toad peeks out from beneath the trellis, and the flower trough newt resumes his nightly position. I searched for the terracotta toad, but he must have been deep among the flower beds. Maybe tomorrow......

Monday, 21 June 2010

Kitty, Cat number 5.

Kitty has settled in well, and has a little routine. She sleeps all night, on and off the bed, and wakes up when we do.
She feeds with the other cats, then goes outside for explorations.
At lunchtime she comes in for food and a play, followed by sleep all afternoon.
At teatime she eats, plays and goes outside until bedtime.
She is so good, it has hardly made a difference to us, unlike when Whiskers arrived! He nearly caused a mass walk-out! I suppose females are more easily accepted.

One odd thing about her....she wees in her litter tray but insists on going out to do a poo! OK by me! As soon as she is happy enough to spend the night with the other cats, the litter tray will go and she will have free use of the cat flap.

Meanwhile....lots of lovely baby blue tits around, queueing up for a go on the peanut holder. I put up fat ball, and it was almost immediately swamped with four fluffy birdies! I can only put one out at a time, as we have had jackdaws nesting in the trees this year and they have 5 young to feed, so the fat balls get decimated in no time.

Sunday, 13 June 2010


The new arrival has been named Kitty. She spent the first week very happily indoors. Outside meant far too many bad memories. She was quite content just to look out of the window at the lawn, the sun, the woods, the cats sunbathing, the butterflies, the comings and goings.....until it all got too tempting! We have had two days of explorations, including the guinea-pigs, the woods and the sheds! How much more excitment can a kitten take!
That scary time when you don't think they will ever come back passed, and she has shown us today she knows exactly where the door is and is happy to come back for food, a sleep and, quite annoyingly, use the litter tray!
She did manage one wee in the garden, but only after I had dug a hole!

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

What a difference!

She spent two days under the bed, but now the new arrival has ventured out and found.....she likes it! She loves the food, the bed, the table, the carpet and she's stopped hissing at the other cats. The only thing she's not happy about is the big outdoors! Too soon after her terrifying time out there, left to fend for herself in a strange place. She lets us carry her out, and she looks out of the window, but she avoids the open door.
We will let her take her time, but it's a few years since we needed a litter tray in the house!
We are calling her Kitty until we have decided on a name. (So it will probably stay Kitty!)

Sunday, 6 June 2010

New addition!

On Friday evening a black kitten suddenly appeared in the garden, and drank from the bowl of water I put out for the pheasants. Now bearing in mind that my house, like my few neighbours, is surrounded by miles of fields, the appearance of a random kitten is quite unusual. (Although...maybe not for me. I seem to attract random cats)
After drinking, it played with Whiskers. Well, it was about time he had someone more his age to play with. Putting up with three miserable old cat gits must be so boring for him at times.
After a play in the woods, Whiskers appeared and sat next to me. The kitten stayed in the woods, and it was getting dark. It started to cry pitifully, so I had no choice but to bring it in and offer it food and a bed.
She turned out to be female, and was very grateful for food and a comfy bed. I didn't shut her in, though, and on Saturday morning she was gone. I hoped the grumpy old cats hadn't scared her away.
After work on Saturday, my other half informed me that the kitten was under a large hedge that runs between my neighbours house and a busy road, and had been crying all day but he couldn't touch her.
I went to have a look, and found my neighbour looking into a gap in the bottom of the hedge. He was calling her. I asked him if it was his cat, and he replied no, it had been there for a few days, and was crying continually. He said when he tried to reach it, it pushed further into the hedge. He also told me cats had been left there before, dumped by passing motorists.
I called the kitten, and she came straight away and let me pick her up. I carried her to my house. She was too exhausted to struggle. She was glad to eat and return to her bed, but this time she was shut in our bedroom, away from the other cats.
Today has been her first whole day here. She is nervous about going outside, so for the time being she will just watch from the windowsill. She hisses at the grumpies, but loves Whiskers.
I will keep my eyes open for any missing kittens in the local village, but chances of anyone looking for her are remote. Unless that happens, she will stay here. Cat number five!

Two grumpies decide they don't hate Whiskers as much as the new addition inside.

Young Jay

Young Jay
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Just sat in an oak tree, watching me take photos!