Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Rolly's Tail

Rolly has had a painful lump halfway down his tail. I knew it was an abcess, a result of his constant little battles with Whiskers. He is prone to abcesses whenever he gets a wound, and they make him very grumpy indeed.
He growls at me if I try to check it. He growls at himself when it hurts. His coat has a woolly layer of fluff next to his skin, which makes it almost impossible to see anything. With scratches all over my hands, he was bundled into the carrier and off to the vets we went.
The vet managed to have a good look, albeit with Rolly's head squashed deeply into my tummy. It was an abcess, and it had opened. He had two injections, just in case I could not bathe it.
He is already looking happier, warming his poorly tail by the pot bellied burner.

A few photos from out walk. Didn't see any squirrels again. This is usually the best time of the year to watch them. I hope they didn't suffer too much from the bad weather we had earlier in the year.

These ducks had found a warm spot, sheltered from the biting wind by the reeds.

I finished my squirrel. It's taken from a photo I took last winter.

Monday, 1 November 2010

Tinted Pyrography

I have tinted these two pieces with ink. Should I or shouldn't I? That was the question! I didn't want to loose the pyrographic 'sepia' look, the natural colour of the burnt wood, but at the same time I wanted to highlight some parts of the pictures, especially the blue of the heron and the red hawthorn berries the sleepy dormouse has stashed away in his nest. I decided to use inks, so the grain of the maple wood base will still show through. I am pleased with the result.