Sunday, 30 January 2011

Icy Estuary

This was the scene that met us on our Sunday walk along the estuary. The wind was bitterly cold, but I did not expect to see a thick band of ice stretching across the salty water.
Once we were in the trees, it felt much warmer in the sunshine. These catkins stood out like bright green Christmas decorations amongst the otherwise bare branches.

Got back in time for a good couple of hours in my shed. I seem to be doing two pieces of work at the same time.....most unlike me! I listened to The Moonstone by Wilkie Collins, which is being read on radio 4 at 3 o'clock every Sunday, and managed to get the fox picture finished. I tried reading the book years ago, but couldn't get into it. Now I'm hooked!

The cats are adjusting to the reduction in numbers better than me. Max and Candy took up so much time and attention, what with illness and general senility. The only problems I have now are preventing Kitty from eating all the cat food (She's so small....where does she put it?) and making sure Rolly isn't up to his favourite trick of blocking the cat flap.

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

New Moon

Through the trees at the edge of the paddock. The size of it took me by suprise! Just wish I was better at taking evening photographs, then I would have captured the lovely orangy glow.

Friday, 14 January 2011


My lovely old boy, Max, had to be put to sleep yesterday (Thursday). He started having fits after Christmas. He was given 14 days of epilepsy pills to trial. They worked amazingly well. I ordered more on Tuesday, but the same evening he had another fit, followed by many more. On the vets advice we doubled the dosage on Wednesday. He was so tired, but the worse fits came just as he was about to drop off to sleep, waking him up again. I stayed up all night with him, but the decision was made for me. He simply could not go on, at his age which was most probably 24. (His former owner said he was at least 18, and I had him for 6 years).
So that's two cats gone in less than two months. Max was so demanding, being old, totally deaf and very fussy about his food and sleeping arrangements, but now the house feels empty.
My three remaining cats have had little attention over the past few weeks, but I am going to make up for this now. Poor little Kitty, still a playful kitten-cat, has had to invent little games by herself. The two boys amuse themselves by sparring against each other, not always in play.
I have to admit, five cats was too many in my tiny house. I am now under strict orders that they next stray that wanders across the fields and into my garden will go straight to the cats' home......and there will be another one, sometime. There always is, a result of being surrounded by farms.

I look at my three cats and wonder if they miss Max at all? They treated him with a certain amount of respect, most of the time at least, but their moods have not changed at all.
Kitty played outside while I buried Max beneath his favourite grassy patch. When I had finished, I spotted her sitting down on the muddy grass. I thought she was having a wee, and was about to shoo her off when I realised she wasn't doing anything of the kind. She was just sitting, on Max's grave, where she has never sat before.

Friday, 7 January 2011

Lip Reading Cat.

Max seems to have returned to normal, more or less, after suddenly having seizures over Christmas. He has one epilepsy pill, divided in half and taken at morning and night.
When I took him to the vets the first time, I explained that he was acting odd. Sort of distant and unaware of anything for about half an hour following a fit.
The vet put him on the floor, and he immediately went into exploration mode. She called him to attract his attention. It didn't work.

"He's deaf" I explained. "But he can lip read his name"

(Oh.....did I really say that to a vet??????)

"MAX" she mouthed, exaggerating the phrase when she had his attention.
"MIRRRRRRRH" he said, back.
"Told ya!" I thought, smiling.

Sunday, 2 January 2011

Nearly there.....

I've not posted anything over Christmas. It was not the Christmas I had hoped for. The day after Candy was put to sleep, I developed a bad cold which quickly turned to asthmatic wheezing and a persistant cough. Three weeks later I still have the cough and I still have to use my inhaler regularly. I have lost my appetite. I think I fancy something, but as soon as it's in my mouth I don't want it. Christmas chocolates have never had so little attention!
On Boxing day my very old boy Max had a few seizure-type episodes. He collapsed and lost consciousness for a few seconds, in all about ten times.
Next day they were worse. More severe and frequent. Why did we have to have 2 bloody bank holidays? I was up all night with him, and took him to the vets on Tuesday, after the emergency receptionist warned me it would cost double. He was given pills to take for 2 days. They didn't work.
Another trip to the vets. More pills, this time for epilepsy. They worked! All this stress on top of my illness, at times I really felt unable to cope but it has turned out well, for now.
I was able to go for a slow walk along the estuary to see the latest migrants. The sea air makes my breathing easier. I feel a bit better today. I have reached a turning point, finally, and just one more day before I go back to work! Typical!