Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Crazy Day!

Not really, apart from having Tuesday as my day due to bank holiday. Sitting on the garden bench in the sun, contemplating how to spend my day. The next door neighbour leaves at about 10.30. He doesn't usually wake up before midday, let alone leave the house. He doesn't see me, and I absently watch him walk down the path to his car, get in, sit for a bit, get out and walk back up the path. He's on his phone. If anyone asks what he does, his answer is some sort of band promoter, whatever that is. I think it means he sits in the pub all evening listening to groups. As he got back to his door I heard him say "Hey, man, I'm running late....having a crazy morning!" It made me giggle. So he got up early, washed his hair and left the house before it was dry. Crazy! He got up in the morning and not the afternoon. Crazy!
We decided to do our Sunday walk on a Tuesday. Crazy, I know! Good move, though! Not the usual hoards of walkers and cyclists, and the weather was perfect.
Watched the two resident swans doing a crazy mating ritual. I wasn't going to take my camera, as it's been months since we've seen any squirrels.
On the way back we passed the robin. We always see him in the same place and he loves posing for photos. Then a lovely bird song drew my attention. It was like no other I had heard before!
We found the bird, a male black cap. As I tried to take his picture my attention was distracted by a squirrel climbing up a nearby tree, so off I went to photo it and pleased with the result.
All in all we saw much more than we do when we walk down here on a Sunday.
When we got home, Rolly was getting attacked by a crazy Red Admiral butterfly! It would have made a great photo, but the crazy insect's dive bombs were just too fast.

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

More spring things......

...that should have uploaded on the previous post but there was some technical hitch and a long wait......

To grow a Kitty, just push the bottoms in compost, water sparingly and put in direct sunlight,

The daffs are on the grave of my lovely tabby cat, Biscuit, who died from a seizure several years ago. Each year I buy some tiny daffodils for indoor pots, and when they have finished I go out into the woods and dig them into the soil over Biscuits grave.

Spring Things

Yesterday was my day off. It was cold, wet and windy. Early this morning I opened the curtains, and was welcomed by the early morning sun casting long shadows across the fields and along the side of the house. How I wish I could have stayed at home, and pottered about in the garden with the cats!
Instead I took a few photos of the sunlit pansies. They always remind me of smiley faces! As is to say "We will still be here when you get back!"
Now hurry up and get to work!