Friday, 13 May 2011

My Little House

My house is small. Very small. It was built as a holiday home in the 1950's, and as such was built for summer living only. Without our wood burning stove, the winters would be unbearably cold and damp. With the stove, however, we kept warm and cosy through all that winter challenged us with.
I have lived here for nearly twenty years. I am used to the lack of space.....most of the time! Another cupboard in the bedroom would be nice, but impossible.
The best thing about living here is the garden. To one side of the house is an ancient and abandoned apple orchard. Beyond this....woods....fields....cliffs and the sea.
A couple of years after I moved here, I created a small strip of garden from a mass of cow parsley and nettles. Years later, my plants have grown but the weeds still infiltrate and try to claim it back. This year I have had an abundance of Campion, but it's such a lovely flower, hardly a weed, so I have let it take a bit of a hold.

Further storage solutions in the form of sheds. There are three. This one is general storage, and D and myself have our own sheds each for our art and craft hobbies.

Tucked away in a corner is a small water feature. Water runs down the pots and into a water barrel. A little stone frog I found in a charity shop patiently watches the waterfall.

Wonder if he's a prince in disguise?

Monday, 9 May 2011

Flowers from Seeds

Last year I planted some aquilegia seeds. They are one of my favourite flowers, and I have had to wait a whole year to see them flower. This is one of the first.

I love them! What a shame they don't last very long. Meanwhile the laburnum is flowering, like a yellow waterfall draped over the roof of the shed. Perfect cover for Whiskers to spy on me.