Monday, 6 June 2011

Little Birds

Despite living with three ex-feral cats, my garden is alive with baby birds! The usual high numbers of baby blackbirds are being fed the old cat food I throw out every morning. I have never seen so many young robins. Baby sparrows flutter in, shaking their wings amongst a mad chorus of cheeps, but the best entertainment has come from a family of five baby blue tits. They are being fed by one adult, and line up on a branch above my fat ball holder while the parent darts from one greedy mouth to another trying to satisfy their hunger. She (or he) visits with the brood several times a day. After just a few days the babies could feed themselves, but still follow the adult bird around.

As we walked along the old railway track by the side of the estuary, this mother duck and her babies swam towards us as we watched from the bridge. Even more ducklings appeared from the reeds and followed. They swam under the bridge and out the other side, where I managed to take some close up shots before mother duck cautiously guided them to cover beneath the bridge until we had gone.

Back to the garden.

At last, rain fell after none at all since Easter. Rolly immediately went out to get his paws suitably muddy, then jumped up on the table to show them off.

The lavender is alive with bumble bees. It definately seems to be the most popular bee flower in my garden at the moment.