Sunday, 22 January 2012

Sunday Squirrels

Today we watched three squirrels racing up and down trees, burying and eating nuts nice people leave out for them along the old railway track.
My camera isn't the best, and I wasted time with the auto-focus preferring twigs than squirrels, but we were able to watch the squirrel antics for much longer than usual. It seemed like these three were so engrossed with each other they forgot the humans watching them, or just walking or cycling past with children and dogs.

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The last photo is the view from our bench, the end of our walk where we have a sit before turning back.
It was really windy!
Good to blow the cobwebs away, though, after a week at work indoors.

Monday, 2 January 2012

TV fan

As I was writing the post below, Kitty came in to watch Final Score. It's one of her favourites. She also likes Antiques Roadshow. As soon as Nottingham Forest scores were shown, she went off for a quick snack, then returned to see more results. She's still there now, settling herself down for the final scores.


Last week we went our usual walk down the old railway track from Freshwater to Yarmouth on the Isle of Wight. It was lovely and peaceful. Maybe others prefer getting crushed in the sales to walks in the country. Personally I can't think of anything worse than yet more shopping after Christmas.
As we walked along at our leisurely pace, scanning the branches for squirrels, we met the man who leaves small heaps of peanuts in strategic places, for both birds and squirrels. He had just left some, and was waiting for an appearance. We had just passed one of his feeding places, and there was already a squirrel tucking in. They must watch and wait for him in the trees.
We had a chat, commenting on the seemingly fewer sightings we have had since last years snow. On the contrary, he replied. The numbers are up. There's more dreys about, and he can recognise several different squirrels from their markings. Apparently there are some dark ones, some that look grey, one that looks almost black and others that do not have a white tummy. Some can be recognised by the length of their ear tufts.
Well, so much for our observations, but then again we just do the walk once a week, usually on Sunday when there are cyclists and dog walkers in abundance. The old gentleman with his walking stick, binoculars and pockets bulging with nuts comes down daily.
How good to know someone cares so much.
Today, there were lots of bird watchers out, focusing on the estuary that runs alongside the wood, all oblivious of this little fellow taking in some sun high above their heads.