Tuesday, 21 February 2012

End Of The Line

Most Sundays we go a walk along the old railway line path that runs from Freshwater to Yarmouth. We've tried other walks, but we always come back to this. If we miss a week, I feel like I have missed out on something. Maybe a good squirrel picture, or an unusual water bird. Sometimes we see several squirrels, but other times we don't see any.

This one was quite happy, warming himself in the sun. The best thing about this walk is it's a good distance, it goes alongside an estuary and through a wood, and when we have gone far enough there is a bench to sit on and watch the ducks for a while.

Of course, another major feature of this walk is the beginning. There is a lovely cafe, called The End Of The Line, where we eat and drink before making our way towards Yarmouth.

We were a bit early last Sunday, so there were quite a few empty chairs, soon to fill up with Sunday Lunchers.


There are old photos of trains, the station which stood where the cafe is now, and the estuary. This tinted old photo shows the Causeway, the low bridge across the tidal water. I tried to take a photo in the same place, but I should have gone a bit closer I think.


  When we got home, I noticed snowdrops I planted on Max's grave last summer had finally emerged. I bought them from a garden centre in Leicestershire last time I stayed with my parents. They have unusual, green marks on their middle petals, not showing on the photo.
Finally, isn't it nice when a cat actually likes to play with a toy you've bought it? This is called a Kicker. It is filled with catnip, and just the right size for a boisterous cat like Whiskers to grab it, bite it and kick it all at the same time. Add to the fun by providing a small box, and which one does he choose? Both!                                      

Monday, 13 February 2012

More telly watching

I can't resist it. I have never known a cat (or dog) take so much interest in the TV as Kitty. She wanders in, sees what's on, and if she likes it, she settles down for a good hour's viewing. This time Dancing On Ice that kept her attention. When she's not watching TV, she's rolling on her back to have her belly rubbed.
To think she was living under a hedge when I rescued her!

Thursday, 9 February 2012

From my window.....

........I can see birds. Lots of them, feeding on seed and apples. The apples are from the ancient trees that border the raggedy grass. They are huge cookers, lying where they fall until just the brown shell remains after the blackbirds have had their fill. They have lasted a long time this winter, being late to fall. So late, in fact, that some of them started to rot while on the trees. We went into the undergrowth, a mixture of brambles and shrubs, to kick out some hidden fruit that was still green and uneaten. The blackbirds wasted no time. They peck, chase and squabble but there's enough for all. They seem to prefer eating most of the core, then flying off with the rest as soon as it is light enough to carry .

I took these photos from my window, all within a few minutes. Lots of chaffinches and sparrows eating the seed, while the tits prefer the fat balls. The doves have been here for years, and we get a new pheasant each winter.

They are quite safe on the lawn, even with the three cats. Mt cats show no interest in them at all. I can't explain why, but I sometimes wonder if it is because of the abundance of much easier prey in the country, namely mice (or in Whisker's case, rats!)
We keep the feeders stocked up this time of year. I throw seed out early, and again before they go to roost on the frozen branches. I like to think however cold they get, at least their bellies are full. Some of the blackbirds feed until it's too dark to see them.

For now, time to close the curtains against this wintery evening, and get warm in front of the pot-belly stove.

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