Friday, 23 March 2012

Spring Again!

My mum told me, years ago when I thought it would never happen, that the older you get the quicker the years pass by. What a depressing thought! But it does seem not very long ago since I was taking photos of daffodils, primroses and new buds, and here we are again!
In the last year most of the trees that surround my house have died suddenly of a mysterious disease which caused their leaves to turn brown and fall for the last time to the ground, and the bark to peel from their trunks like a snake shedding it's skin. A few have already been cut down, but others remain, skeleton trees disguised as in winter sleep, but never to bare bright green buds of growth again. One tree, close to our house, was rapidly hiding the light from the window so we cut it back drastically last spring.
In the last week it has produced buds of growth. I wonder of our pruning helped it survive in some way.

One of a flock of birds in the estuary today. I don't know what it is, as usual!

 Squirrel foraging in the sun. I was lucky to capture him, he was really quick!

 My two fish in their half-barrel pond have survived all weathers, now enjoy the fountain and a swim in the sun.
I've got these hyacinths outside, as I find the scent too heady and strong for indoors. The scent wafts into the porch, especially when they have been warmed by the sun.

I love fluffy willow buds!

I never get tired of squirrel shots! This one was happy to pose, with the sun shining through his tail.

The crocus which mark Candy's grave didn't do very well last year. I was going to plant something else, but I forgot and was rewarded with this lovely display. I still miss her, and Max. No more strays about just yet to find a safe home here, but I'm sure in time......