Monday, 21 May 2012

Birthday Monday

Monday's are not my best day, but today I took the unusual step of having a day off work to celebrate my birthday. It' s ages since I put anything here, but my rechargable batteries in the camera have been playing up. They are now replaced with new ones that take just 1 hour to charge!

Unfortunately someone must have warned the squirrels! We've been able to see them up close recently, thanks to opportune meetings with an elderly gentleman who leaves nuts in various sites, and watches the squirrels with us. We didn't see him today, or the squirrels! Apart from that it was lovely and quiet. I couldn't help thinking, as we walked through the trees listening to an orchestra of bird song, how all this beauty continues when I am at work. Oh, to be able to walk down here every day of the week!
To celebrate my day, the sun came out and it became quite warm! We sat on the bench for a long time, just looking at the estuary and the ferry coming in at nearby Yarmouth.

Back at the cafe, I took a photo of an old, wooden mirror with an unusual carving I have always admired. I'm thinking I might use it for a pyrography design.