Sunday, 10 June 2012

Remember The Sun?

The best thing about spring and summer for me is spending lots of time least it was before the latest deluges and gale force winds started. I catch every bit of sun to sit outside on the bench with the cats and a cup of tea, or just pottering about. That word could have been invented for me, seeing as most of my pottering involves moving pots from one place to another.
In between, a couple of visits to the local car boot sale on the cliff edge down the road. First one I just got round before a thick and cold sea fog swamped the sun and made everyone wish they had worn more that t-shirts. Second visit was completed and I returned home with my takings before the heavens opened.

A large, vintage, enamel bucket to put my coal in.  Can't believe I'm still lighting the fire.......IT'S JUNE!!!!!

Pretty, original oil painting of old boats moored up in the mist. Exactly the same colour as my bathroom wall and unbelievably just £1!

How much is this rusty cat?
10p, says the man. There's two more......things.
I know, but I just wanted the cat.
You can have them all for 10p.
Rusty cat, dogs and duck now live in the garden.

 I find my garden is a good place for unwanted things that may otherwise clutter my tiny house. I have a few pot horses scattered about. They have weathered nicely, and look like they belong in the garden. I would have taken a photo but it's still raining. Last time we had some sun, I took a couple of flower pics.

Aquilegia (just guessed the spelling there) I grew from seed & has since re-seeded itself everywhere!

Unusual lavender with very tall stems

Lily Of The Valley

Red flower (?) doing very well this year, and cow parsley, so pretty and delicate and......weedy, but I like it.

Rolly loved rolling in the sun. He's put on a bit of weight. He has to have a small pill twice a day to keep his thyroid under control. The pills are tiny and bright orange when they go in, and white when he spits them out!

Kitty taken on my mobile phone, on the windowsill.

And finally, went for our usual walk and the pair of swans were parading their babies for the first time. While one parent was fast asleep with her head tucked under her wing, the other tried to keep a close watch over the babies, but looked like it was a struggle to stay awake himself. Yesterday we had 80 mile an hour winds here, and today it's eerily calm, so I suppose they both had a restless night.