Sunday, 30 September 2012

Car Boot finds

It's the last car boot of the season. I know there are others, but this one's just down the road from me, on a windy, coastal recreation ground prone to instant fog and wind, and it's my favourite.

True to form, it was much windier here than five minutes up the road! Only about half the sellers out, today, but luckily this seller was there:-

I can always find something in his jumble of house clearance stuff, and today I found two nice old books (50p each), an old, wooden box in excellent condition, and a plastic frog.

Plastic frog?

Yes, a plastic frog. He not only clears houses, but gardens as well and always throws (no exaggeration) lots of old, stone ornaments on the grass. I saw a concrete frog with a saucer-shaped space on it's back for a flower. It looked really old. I picked up some stone gnomes, kittens and owls to get to it. It was obviously too heavy to lift, so I asked him for a price.
"Is that the plastic one?" he said. I picked it up, not prepared for the lightness of the hollow plastic. Well, it looks just like old stone!
"50p" he said. I got the cash, with the words "Don't bring any junk home" annoyingly going through my mind.

Well, I like it!
 Also found a nice little salt cellar, plated with a pretty, blue glass insert. I thought the blue would look nice with the sun shining through it, and it was a snip at £1.50. The seller had been watching too much Antique Road Trip, I feel, for he kept repeating how rare it is to find them with the glass intact. I don't know why he felt the need to repeat this information so many times as I opened my purse straight away. He was still saying it as I walked off, smiling!

Back to the books. There's a leather-bound George Borrow, The Romany Rye, with illustrations. I got it as my father liked his book on Wales, but this is a fiction. The second book is A Flower Book For The Pocket, by someone called Skene. I rescued both books from a crate full of kitchen items. I was about to put the flower book back when I noticed some hand-written notes inside, dated from 1961 and 1962, a year before I was born.

The places look like Wanstead Park and Bartlow? I'm going to look them up on Google map. I find it fascinating to make connections like this from history to the present day.  A shame the book isn't signed by the owner.

Later we went our walk, but found it interrupted with a race. This was the view from our bench.

There were hundreds of runners! On the way here we got stuck behind a vintage car convoy, and there's a cycling event going on here as well. The price we pay for living on the Isle of Wight, I suppose! On the subject of vintage cars, there were some very pretty little boxy-shaped ones, I think from the 1950's, sorry, no good with names & I couldn't take a photo as I was driving! I just thought, if they designed quaint little cars like that today, with modern engines, I'm sure females like me would buy them!

We still have flocks of swallows flying overhead. I like to think we're their last call before leaving our shores for the winter.
On the walk I found these strange acorns, and I haven't found them in my books either! Another thing to Google!

How lovely it would have been to return to the warmth of a fire, but alas my new stove is still sitting next to my old (and unusable) pot belly. How lovely and red it looks! I have to wait until the old man decides the weather is suitable for the major job he will have to fit it in.

Meanwhile, I've learnt not to say anything..................

                                                                     like "Can't you just.....?"