Sunday, 11 November 2012

Random scribblings.....

Last year, at the age of 48, I carved my first pumpkin.
I had the opportunity to do so without feeling slightly stupid because we had a Halloween storytime at the library. I enjoyed myself so much that this year I did two, and brought them home with me when we had finished dressing up and running round the  library (closed!) with the other witches, skeletons and ghouls. It was great fun, and much appreciated by parents who want a safer environment for their children to have fun rather than trick-or-treating.
Earlier that day I had seen a pair of swallows flying into my neighbours barn. I haven't seen them since, though. It made me sad to think they were probably still feeding late hatchlings, and perhaps they have had to abandon them now. I know I think about these possibilities too much, but many years ago we found an abandoned nest of swallow hatchlings in a church porch. Two babies had fallen out of the nest. I was just visiting the area, so I left them in the care of a lady who came to do the flowers. I was relieved that she seemed as concerned as I was. It's happened to me before that I seem to be the only person concerned about an animal's welfare.
For the last seven years I have been caring for an elderly pair of cockatiels for my landlady. They are the only birds in a large aviary, but when I went to feed them one morning recently, one had died and it was being eaten by a huge rat!
The other poor bird was still perched next to the body. I felt so sorry for it, I was determined it was not going to stay in the aviary by itself that evening, but I had to go to work! No body else seemed to care one hoot about it. At work I arranged with a lovely, caring friend to take the bird. She has an elderly cockatiel that shares an enormous cage with two diamond doves.

 That evening, with my landlady's blessing ( actually she couldn't care less what I did) I caught the poor bird and kept her overnight in a bird cage I keep for emergencies ( of the cat / bird variety). My friend told me cockatiels adapt very easily to living in a cage, and so she did, eating her seed and seeming quite content.

My friend sent me these photos the day after I took the bird over to her. You can just see her little bird, Mono, the black and white one who has not seen another cocky for years. They settled down together straight away. My little bird didn't have a name, but my friend will soon amend that. She has a room full of birds, and the African Grey in the next door cage said, "new little birdy" quite clearly when he saw the cocky. It's such a relief to me that this little bird has a warm and interesting place to live out it's remaining years.

Meanwhile, the new stove has been lit and enjoyed by all.

Lovely, sunny walk today down by the estuary.

Not many migrant birds yet.

Lastly, while out filling up the peanut holder, this cheeky mouse came right out in front of me to eat some very old cake!
Not a very good photo, but he made me smile, darting to and fro from beneath my shed. Seems the cats are just too happy sleeping in the firelight to bother with the rodent population!