Monday, 31 December 2012

Where did it go?

Well, another year has gone. That was quick! I hear the rather depressing quote from my mother 

"As the years go by they get quicker and quicker"

But really I think it has something to do with the lovely hot weather we had very early on, followed by the wait for summer. We waited and waited and waited until we finally realised the days were getting shorter, and the leaves were turning. Before we knew it, winter was upon us, dark, dismal and damp.

I thought I would just put a photo of each of my Chine Cats. (No more arrivals this year!)

But as I was trying to upload them, I accidentally uploaded a photo I had taken from my kitchen window of my perennial sweet peas, that apparently thrived on the wet weather! 
Isn't it nice to look back at a summer scene on these dark and wet days!

Here's hoping we get some better weather next summer! My daffodil shoots are already a few inches high.

Happy New Year !

Friday, 21 December 2012

Shortest Day

A very wintery walk followed by a nice sit by the fire, with just the Christmas lights on as the shortest day comes to an end.

And the world didn't end, after all.

Sunday, 9 December 2012


We can go weeks without seeing any, then we see three in five minutes!

This chubby chappie was the only one who waited long enough for me to take a picture. He was eating something pink, probably an upturned mushroom.

Sunday, 2 December 2012

Pyrography & Knitivity

We had a Christmas Craft Fayre at the library on Saturday. There were quite a few going on elsewhere, and we found it slow progress booking all the tables, a snip at just £5. I reluctantly offered to sell some pyrography pieces. I say reluctantly because there's a difference in doing the burning, which I enjoy, and preparing them for sale by adding several layers of varnish, which I find exceedingly boring. However, I got down to the task.
I've sold pieces online and individually, and also through a local shop but I had never had a stall before. Less than an hour to go I remembered I needed change. Then I needed something to wrap the things in!

The doors opened and, amazingly, I sold a wood slice with the picture of a sleeping hare for £12. Other sales followed, and all in all I made about £40. Not bad considering I soon got bored of sitting behind the stall and wandered off downstairs where the Friends of the Library were serving tea, coffee and mince pies!

I will never make a business woman. The owner of a local community arts shop asked to have all items I didn't sell to put in her shop, so that saved me bringing them home. My little shed looks quite bare now.

We asked out Knit & Natter group to knit a Nativity scene. We gave them 3 days notice & they rose to the challenge like the dedicated knitters they are, churning out Mary, Joseph, Baby Jesus in his cot with a blanket, one shepherd and one sheep before their session in the library ended. Over the next two days more figures were added, hot off the knitting needles, until we had this lovely display for the Craft Fayre.