Sunday, 10 February 2013

The one that got away!

Sunday is our usual walk day, but the weather forecast did not let us down, and it rained all day.
So here are some photos from our Friday walk. We drove to the Causeway and parked on the bridge. Over the last few weeks the water in the estuary has been higher than I can remember.
The estuary here narrows into a river, that runs across the narrow right hand side tip of the Isle of Wight, coming out at the sea on the Freshwater side. It has been on flood alert for weeks, but on Friday the tide had turned and out it went......further and further and further while we watched from the car.

The birds loved it!

The swan went to sleep on the mud

We walked down the old railway track path, stopping at the bench that looks out over the reed beds.

Suddenly we saw an emormous bird of prey, hunting with huge, slow moving wings over the distant reeds. Immediately a flock of geese flew into the sky, honking with alarm.

I tried to focus on the distant bird, but I find it so difficult focusing on moving objects, especially when the auto focus picks out everything else. There are resident buzzards in this area, and we had seen then soaring a few minutes earlier, but this bird seemed much bigger. I thought it must be a red kite. I have seen them only a couple of times here. They have a smaller body, but their wings are larger.
However, when I got home and examined my useless photos, I noticed the bird does not have a forked tail.

But I have seen a golden eagle in the wild, and I'm telling you this was just as big, so if it wasn't something unusual it was one hell of a big buzzard!

Meanwhile, we have a regular visitor. My neighbour has a kitten called Hagar. He doesn't have anyone to annoy/play with so he calls by morning, mid day and evening for some action. We put up with him until he does something naughty (which he always does). It's usually annoying Kitty too much, but he has clawed up my walls twice now. He knows he's been naughty from the speed he runs through the cat flap after he has done something bad.
He sometimes turns his attention to Rolly, who will firmly put him in his place. He has made the mistake, only once, of trying to get Whiskers to play by touching his tail.
He won't repeat this in a hurry! No messing with Mister Whisker!