Sunday, 30 June 2013

Renting problems continued.....

My tiny house has a tiny garden and a very tiny lawn. I strim the lawn, and try to keep everything neat and tidy. We cut the hedges and prune the trees.
I have a little garden on one sdie of the door, and the patio on the other. I've just this week weeded all the small weeds that keep pushing through the stones on my rock garden.
Then along comes Landlady's Grandson with his industrial-sized strimmer, goggles and earphones to be worn at all times.
He mostly leaves our lawns alone, but two or three times each summer he decides to strim away every blade of grass that dare show it's face, right up and over my garden.

Result ...... soil that I have just weeded literally covered in dry grass. Plants cut down. Grass all over the path and in the house. Completely uneccessary.

This rose was surrounded by soil
That's a wallflower

This is a fig tree my mum gave me last time I visited, so it's travelled from Leicestershire down to the IOW in my car. The stones were also hidden beneath dry grass, and after painstakingly removing it all I added a spare length of wooden border, in the hope that it might offer some protection from the next onslaught.

Of course, all of this was done while we were out for the evening, so we returned late last night to a houseful of terrified cats.

On a lighter note, this hollyhock has appeared in my camelia pot.

 My favourite place to sit. The table is a nice, solid pine kitchen table I got cheap from a second hand shop.
The honeysuckle smells so nice on a summer evening.

Well, I've finished my long, long week at work ( two 13 hour days & four 8 hour days in a row) and now I have a few days off I booked last minute. I have no plans......just going to relax, read and generally potter about.

Monday, 24 June 2013

Little Birds

The swans on the estuary only have one cygnet this year. Last year they had three. This little one gets constant attention from the parents.

Back home, I have a bird feeder round the back of the house that gives us quite a bit of entertainment. We can see it quite clearly from the toilet window!

It's been a very busy place of late, but this blue tit family seem to be there the most, making me wonder if the babies actually get any fresh food, or is it just ready meals for them in the form of fat balls?

One of the babies always seems to be hanging from the bottom!

The parent quickly chases away most other birds, but one poor sparrow seems to get a good bashing every time he lands on the hanger.

He has to get in quick!

Round the front of the house, a wren was sounding her alarm call over and over again, but all the cats were in apart from Smudge, and he was asleep out of view.

 I took several photos, couldn't work out what was alarming her and then noticed a baby.

As I took more photos, another baby appeared. If it wasn't for the parent making so much noise, I would never have noticed them.

Smudge slept through the noise, dreaming.....

His fur is finally growing on his tummy and rear end, and he's stopped his nervous grooming and jumpiness. The only thing that still upsets him is getting through the porch. He hesitates, then makes a run for the cat flap every time. I think he must have been booted out of somewhere, or had a door slam shut on him at some time, poor boy.

This year I have not bought any more plants, apart from some lobelia and a hollyhock thing. I am so useless at reading & remembering the names on the labels! In fact, I'm going to go outside right now, even though it's getting dark, and read the name of the plant I bought this morning!'s called Verbascum Jester, and the only similarity it has with a hollyhock is it's got an upright stem of flowers. It's too dark to take a photo, but it's a nice, creamy yellow and pink colour.

All in all, quite a nice Monday spent at home before a week of long hours as we are holding two evening events this week at the library. Roll on Sunday!

Sunday, 2 June 2013


 This is the view from my window this evening.

Blossom and Flycatchers

Rolly catching the rays

Smudge is getting signs of a small tummy at last.

The blossom on the apple tree late last night, catching the last, pink rays of the evening sun.

Today I have tried to appreciate what I have, but not succeeded very well. My landlady, having previously told me I was welcome to 'do what I liked' with the old aviary just outside my house, which was completely covered with ivy, waited until I had painstakingly snipped and sawed it all away and bought £20 worth of wood to replace rotten timber before informing me that she had changed her mind, and she would rather leave it to rot than have it restored to house a couple of bantams.

Her choice, as it is in all the ridiculous decisions she has made over the years I have lived here. A constant reminder that it's not my place to do what I would like, however harmless my intentions are.