Sunday, 20 October 2013

October Roses

My lovely pink rose bush flowers all through summer, then I cut off all the dying blooms and another load of buds appears, but with October being so mild, the blooms seem to have lasted longer than ever this year.
What a welcome sight just outside my door!

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Sunny Days!

At this time of the year, you have to make the most of every warm and sunny day, and luckily for me I am not at work this week, so have been making the most of long, unseasonally warm Autumn walks.
I love the colours this season creates, and so much I would like to take home with me.....

Like this bouquet of berries...

and these.....

and maybe this....

and a couple of these......

not to mention, this....

or these Canada geese that flew over....

Thank goodness for photographs, so we can bring the outdoors in.

Views from the top of Samber Hill, just behind my house...

 My house in the distance

 Looking West

Looking East

On the whole, a lovely, sunny, Autumn day.....

And another little Autumn scene I made for a customer... a little, wooden wall plaque of a Wren

The sun we had today wasn't forcast last night. Let's hope they don't forcast it again, tomorrow!

Friday, 4 October 2013

Nights drawing in

As darkness falls earlier and earlier, the time I have outside when I get home from work is very precious.
I do not like working indoors at all, even in the worst weather conditions.
When I get home from work, I will sit in the garden were the summer gazebo was (now sadly put away for the winter), and maybe have a nice glass of wine to unwind and wonder what I have missed while being surrounded by four brick walls.

The evening air seems so unseasonally warm at the moment. I sat on my bench and listened to the beautiful song of a robin, who seems to have taken ownership of a high branch on the apple tree every evening to sing his song, echoing another robin's song from beyond the orchard.

The robin sung his heart out as the skies became darker, and eventually the bats appeared.

My house is at the end of an ancient apple orchard. My landlady's thatched house is at the other end. I used to think the bats emerged from her thatch, but I'm not sure now. They appear every evening, circling low, round and round the two adjacent lawns and the orchard.

I love bats, and I have always wanted to take a photo of one in flight. This evening they flew low, skimming the trees and even swooping down on the robin at one point.

I took lots of photos. This was the best.

Yes, that fly thing on the top, left hand corner is a bat. Don't bother enlarging the photo for a better view, you won't get one.

Here's another amazing shot. All the while I was clicking away, the robin kept singing until finally it got too dark, and he flew away to roost. I left the bats to their erratic, insect-catching flight.

Today I saw these lovely, Autumn coloured toadstools.

Is it just down here, or are acorns really big this year?

Just Saturday to go, then another week off, yay!