Saturday, 25 January 2014

Road To Work

This is the start of my journey to work. I live in the less populated side of the Isle of Wight, and at 8.00am on a Saturday morning it is deserted, and safe to stop the car to take a picture of the lovely, wintery sunrise.

The road passes through the flat fields. There's still a lot of water about. I love the desertedness of it, but unfortunately it's only a scene in passing on my way to the more built up side of the island, and my place of work. 
The journey takes 45 minutes in total, that's one and a half hours a day driving time.
What a waste.

Much rather spend my time walking over the fields than driving though them.

Sunday, 19 January 2014


Saw my first daffs of the year by Mottistone Manor, one of my favourite places.   

Unfortunately I didn't have my camera, so these weren't the daffodils........

And this is the Manor, but not in the middle of January.

Friday, 17 January 2014

Small Furries. This post is NOT for CATS!

I love small, furry creatures! The smaller the better, especially teeny tiny shrews and tiny field mice.

(That tiny elephant shrew on Hidden Kingdoms on the BBC, sniffing a butterfly bigger than himself, what great filming!)

Since a child I've had rabbits, guinea-pigs, hamsters and gerils. My mum has currently got a small, white mouse she found on her driveway one wet evening. It's tame enough to climb onto her hand and eat food. She has a cat, and you would think it would go wild when the mouse runs round it's cage, but it doesn't bat an eyelid.

I had a bad experience with my two lop-eared bunnies a few years ago. They were such a sweet pair, very friendly with each other.

Here they are demolishing a grow bag.

Unfortunately they both got infected with Myxamotosis, and had to be put to sleep before the horrendous symptoms developed. They had an open run and the cats often jumped in to sleep in the sun on top of their cage. The bunnies would have fun chasing the cats! The vet said it was likely one of the cats carried the virus on a flea, so no more bunnies for me.
Every week I go to Pets At Home to get the cat food. I always make time to admire the rabbits and guineas, then the mice and hamsters and chinchillas and everything else they have. I choose which one I would like to take home, then give myself a pat on the back for resisting the temptation.

This has gone on a few years now, so it was inevitable really. My other half was not suprised at all when I warned him on the way home that a hamster was in the car with me.

The thing is......they've got this adoption centre where people can return or just bring in unwanted pets.

And it wasn't any old hamster looking at me from her very boring, sawdust covered tank. It was the cutest little hamster I had ever seen!

 This food bowl is only 2.5 inches across!

I enquired at the desk about adopting her. She was there because this type of hamster, Roborovski hamsters, only get on with another if they are raised together from the same litter. The previous owner tried to either put her with a strange hamster, or put a new pet in with her, and she fought it quite violently.
They told me these hamsters are the smallest, fastest hamsters and as such do not make good hamsters for children as they can't handle them safely.
That's ok with me, I had a spare fish tank at home and just enjoy watching her. I had to get food and a water dispenser and a strawberry shaped house which she has chosen not to use.
I forgot bedding, but she's had so much fun shredding paper towels I think I will continue to use them.
Her home was hastily put together, so today I'm going to find some climbing things for her.

I have no idea how old she is. I had to sign an adoption paper that told me her name is Robin. (I guess the pet shop might have made that up, seeing as she is a Roborovski hamster, but that's what she will be called).

 She's used to people peering at her through glass, and doesn't care a jot about the cats. She tries to sniff them through the glass. They learned very quickly that they can't touch her, so they take turns to sit on the cupboard and stare and stare and stare......

Her tank has a secure wire mesh lid, so no chance of the cats' getting their paws in.

( The lit up tank houses my two fire-bellied toads I have had for over 16 years! )

She looks a bit bewildered here. She spent her first evening frantically re-arranging things and making a moutain of a bed for herself. She then had a couple of days mostly asleep, and the cats have got bored.

Sunday, 5 January 2014

View From The Bench

 A walk to the bench, by the side of the estuary. We made it, with just a spattering of rain. The tide was coming in, and we got back as it was coming over the footpath.

This is how it looks in the summer.......

This is a photo from the local paper of the flooding over the bridge at high tide, compared with the view from the other side of the bridge last summer.

Friday, 3 January 2014

Goodbye Tree!

I took five Christmas trees down at work yesterday, so I was all set to take my own down today.

Unfortunately, neighbour's cat Hagar has decided his favourite sleeping place is tucked away underneath it.

He doesn't live here, and I don't want to encourage him (although I don't think he needs any encouragement).
I thought he would run off as soon as started, but he stayed right to the end.......

.........and then went back to sleep in exactly the same place until we had to wake him up and push him back outside, so hopefully he will go back to his own house!

Wednesday, 1 January 2014