Friday, 12 September 2014


I was lucky enough to get a Kate Bush ticket! I only got one, as I didn't know anyone else who was a fan!
I have all her albums, but my other half didn't want to go, and my sis has never liked her so I just got the one ticket and took myself off to London.

I felt sorry for genuine fans pleading for someone in the queue to sell them a ticket, offering £300 in some cases. Made me wish I had got 2 then I would have sold one on at the purchase price, as I can't stand ticket touts.

Anyway, the show was absolutely amazing! The lights sounds and effects awesome. Kate Bush's voice was so strong and powerful.

The show was divided into three parts. After singing some oldies there followed two totally different shows, like mini musicals. I have all her albums and know the groups of songs she has put together to tell a story, but to see them played out in stunning scenery, a combination of stage and cinema, was incredible. I don't think I have ever written so many expletives but it took my breath away!
The rules not to take photos were followed. I had a seat right at the back of the stalls so I could keep the chair up and perch on top, looking over everyone's heads. When the show wound up with a finale I quickly got the camera out ( no flash) and took a quick shot. Then Kate went over to her grand piano, that earlier in the show had had a massive tree plunged through it, and sung one more song without the band. It was the last song from her last album, Angel.
So this is the photo I took of Kate Bush singing with a tree through her piano.

The show was 3 hours long, so I stayed in a hostel overnight. It was five minutes from the Apollo Hammersmith, but so quiet!

Next morning got the express coach back to Southampton, caught the Red Jet, sailed past the Orianna docked alongside a ship from the past and was home for lunch.

What a great day, and to think I dithered about when the tickets came on sale, I nearly didn't get anything!

Another sneaky shot, full zoom no flash.