Friday, 21 November 2014

Famous Author visit!

 Not blogged for ages due to catastrophic laptop failure! That and the fact that our other big old machine was going so slow I always took my book to read while I was using it, so the plan was to buy to get a new desktop computer.
But I changed my mind & got a second hand one, which is very quick and lovely to use and saved me several hundred pounds.

Exciting day at the library yesterday, we had famous author Ian Whybrow visiting!

It's not easy getting people over to the IOW, but
Ian lives on the South Coast and agreed
with enthusiasm.

He is the author of Harry and the bucketful of dinosaurs, among other titles. His two sessions were very entertaining. He spoke to the children the same as the adults, and had their full attention!

He had all sorts of stories to tell, including how he got the idea for Harry. He was taking a rest following a large Sunday roast, when his wife announced they were both going to the garden centre. He reluctantly took her to buy plants, and while she was making her choice Ian spotted a young, and equally bored little boy carrying a blue bucket full of plastic dinosaurs. He asked the boy if he knew what sort of dinosaurs they were, and was instantly told the full names of all of them by the boy, who was about four years old!

The visit was expensive but well worth it. Our friends group paid for it from money they have raised, and with the library yet again under threat from closure next year the attention this event drew from the local press was welcome as well!