Wednesday, 14 January 2015

The Guest Cat

We get lots of donated books at the library. Some kindly person gave us a copy of this, and my colleague put it in the drawer behind the desk in case I wanted to read it.

I took it home. It's a thin book, a true tale of a young Japanese couple who encourage a neighbour's cat to visit them in their rental home, where they are not allowed pets of their own.

I could not stop reading. It is beautifully written, full of thought and meaning. It's also a strange tale. The couple openly encourage the cat to sleep and eat in their house, but they know it is not a stray. They share it with their neighbour, but the neighbour is not aware of this until something happens.

The cat has a truly deep emotional effect on the author, who admits his wife is more of an animal lover than he is. I can relate to the strong emotions he has for the cat, but the odd thing about the story is the cat does not seem to have any little characteristics that set it apart from any other cat. It's not a Street Cat Bob character, but somehow that makes the story more poignant.

When I finished it, I gave it to another member of staff, who said she had heard of the book and wanted to read it. I admit, I had not heard of it, but it does say Best Seller on the cover.

The story leaves you wanting more, but there are no photos of the cat and very little about the author on google. I would recommend it to any animal lover, even though essentially it is quite sad.

I don't really know how to describe how it made me feel. All my cats are strays, but two of the boys were neutered when they turned up. I would not encourage a cat that belonged to someone else into my house, and my cats have all been abandoned that much was obvious from the state of them. I have always contacted cats homes in case someone is looking for them, but I live down a long and dark road that runs through the largest area of farmland on the IOW. In other words, the ideal place to dump a cat.

Kitty was very likely dumped, pregnant, at a very young age. She has always been friendly, but hates certain noises like water, cars and gun shot, even distant gun shot.

Rolly came from a family of farm cats, and wandered down probably looking for a bigger share of food.

Smudge was trying to survive (not very successfully)  in a derelict camp site after the occupants of the bungalow left. He had been seen occasionally over there for at least a year before I caught him. He panics if he is shut in a room.

Whiskers if a true farm cat. He arrived as a young and aggressive tom, but his distinct markings are proof that he came from a farm several miles in the opposite direction from Rolly's farm, where the farmer indiscriminately breeds black and white cats. He is still the top cat, and the only one who prefers to stay out all night.

Here he is gently pushing Rolly out of the way, while pretending to be affectionate. This is a trick he practices at every feeding time as well.

Sunday, 4 January 2015

Go More Walks

So the hols are over, and soon everything will be 'back to normal'. I've heard that phrase more this year than after any other Christmas. It seems that as the build up to the big day starts earlier and earlier, so the removal of all evidence of Christmas celebrations starts as soon as the day is over. Boxing day seems to be the norm for some stores, and also a few of my friends told me the tree had been disposed of the day after Christmas. It's a shame. The twelve days of Christmas should be celebrated, not cut short with a sigh of relief.

 I love candles! I found this little mouse candle holder from a local car boot last summer. I picked it up and noticed a small chip, so put it down again as the seller was telling me he would take 10 pence! I was looking for plants, not more clutter, so I walked on.

 Returning to the car with two armfuls of plants, my eye fell upon the mouse again. I wasn't even aware I was walking past the same stall.
"Still here!" said the seller, watching my gaze as I walked past. Well, for 10p what could I lose? And it does look nice with all my other candle holders!

So back to work yesterday.
I do not like working inside four walls, under artificial light and feeling artificial heat for 9 hours a day, and I don't much like January, either, so I wouldn't say I was looking forward to it, but I am feeling more positive than usual, mostly because over the break I have gone on a long walk every day, whatever the weather. If I didn't work I would do it every day, rain or shine. In just a short time I felt ready for the new year.

Some walks were with the other half, some by myself. I don't mind either. It's nice to talk, but it's nice to think and dawdle sometimes.

I went down here......

 and along here.......

 On top of this hill I stopped and stared at the sun on the sea, and my tiny house dazzled in sun beams....

 And not forgetting the beach, which is actually very easily forgotten when you live right next to it! Seems that it was forgotten by everyone else on this sunny day, too!

I nearly gave up with this post.  I uploaded onto my tablet, but it takes me forever to write a blog entry on it, so I did it on our big old PC.
How to get the images shared by both?
I added a g-mail account and added some albums, but the pictures I wanted weren't there! It has taken me ages to work out that Picasa, Blogger and gmail are all connected and now I have accidentally made a second gmail account I can see my photos, but have to sign out to get on my blog.
I have photos on my original gmail, but completely forgot I had them! Now I have two accounts, two sets of photos and one blog account. Confusing.

I kept coming up with old photos of my beautiful horse, Becky, a Welsh Cob who I still miss tremendously.

I've also had a quick scan through all my blog photos. There's some lovely summer scenes to remind me of what is to come. The daffodil shoots are several inches high, here, and some have buds on. I know it's still a long way off, and who knows what weather we have ahead? Maybe some of this, like this time last year?

or perhaps we will miss all that and go straight for this....

Daffs! Yeah!