Saturday, 14 February 2015

bird tables and road blocks

 Five minutes drive up the road takes me to a busy village called Brighstone. It has a pub, a church, a library, a post office, a newsagents and a very good general store that opens really early every day with a delivery of fresh bread from a local bakery.
I have to visit the village every day before i drive to work, as we do not get anything delivered to my address. I get fresh bread and the newspaper, and anything else we may need.

The road that runs through the village leads to a tiny hamlet called Mottistone. (Church, some cottages, a farm and a manor house). Beyond this is a pub, then the road reaches another tiny hamlet called Brook. (Church, some houses)

Today there were signs blocking the road from Brighstone to Brook. The signs were across the road, with diversion notices directing people away from the village. I drove around the signs to park and get my bread.
The villagers all knew what was going on. Benedict Cumberbatch was getting married at Mottistone. but why close the main road through Brighstone? Well, after Brighstone there's no other junction, so the road closed signs were placed before the village.

I wonder how much the Saturday trade suffered, especially the lone pub beyond Mottistone. The church at Mottistone is right next to the road. The manor house, where the reception was held, is directly opposite, so good viewing for anyone who is a fan of celebs.
I heard there were 40 limousines. That would take up the best part of one car ferry.
Anyway, while the rich and famous were enjoying their privileges, I was enjoying my new bird table.
Locally made and sold in nearby Shorwell (Pub, church, cottages and post office) for just £20.

Packs of suet and peanuts provided by the 99p shop.

I can watch the birds from my kitchen table. The cats are not remotely interested. Smudge is obsessed with cleaning his tummy, which now has a thick coat of fluffy hair instead of the bald patches he had when I got him.

Whiskers was doing a face plant

Hard life, being a cat, eh? Nearly as hard as being a famous actor!