Saturday, 16 May 2015

Little Birdie

This little warbler is a regular visitor to the birdbath. I have never been able to get a photo, as it's too quick, but this morning I had a go with my new camera. It's not a complicated camera, but I'm pleased to get any photo of this little bird, .

Afternoon walk up the downs hoping to see some buzzards gliding about at eye level, but they weren't there today, and the wind was really cold!

Glad to get back home to a fire on the wood burner. Has winter returned already?

Thursday, 14 May 2015

Blossoms & small rant

So I don't have much time, so a quick upload of photos from my new camera onto blog via tablet. It's tablet or old desk PC which is being used by other half, as lovely laptop is no more. Photos from new camera go onto tablet instantly. Good!
Uploading them to blog takes forever, and nothing seems to be happening at all.
So I try uploading to Picassa, seeing as that links into Blogger.
Takes bloody ages, and I'm only doing 3 pics! Go to blog again, upload from Picasa web album......only 1 photo there.

Give up or try again?
I've been sat here nearly an hour now.
The thing is, my job in the library involves explaining in very simple terms how to use basic computer functions, so who am I to give in on something that used to be so simple on lovely laptop ?

The most common problem we face in the library is emails. After going through the painfully slow process of setting up an account with someone new to emails, repeatedly telling them to write down the exact password and new email only to find they can't access their account the first time they try due to incorrect user name /password. And no, we don't know what your password is, so they have to start the whole process again ( and again and again) 

So I'm not giving up, but I have wasted far too much time already just adding these photos of the orchard in bloom.

Not a place for hay fever sufferers, especially as we are currently surrounded by rape seed flowers. 

My lavender is amazing this year. The apple trees are all old cookers, badly needing a good cut back but the landlady won't touch them. I love the way the cow parsley touches the pink blossom.

Well now I will click Publish and see what comes up, seeing as I can't see what I'm writing properly or how much of a gap I have between photos on here.