Sunday, 2 August 2015

Minor Irritations

 I am still struggling with the tablet. I can add photos from my camera straight on to Gallery with no problems.....

But when I try to add them on to the blog or fb, I can find them, select them, download.......well, it says it's downloading, but I have time to go away, boil the kettle, brew tea, make a sandwich, eat the sandwich........and it's still trying to download one photo.

So I have discovered, through trial and error with lots of trial, the way to do it. I am writing it here for my information as much as anything, as I guess I am the only person who a) has this trouble and b) reads this blog.

Kitty Paws

First I have to upload the photos from Gallery onto Picassa. Then I have to create a Picassa web album.
I have called said album 'Can't find it' for obvious reasons.
Then I have to upload, one at a time, photos from Picassa to the said album.
Then I can find them to add quickly to the blog or fb.

And that is why I have virtually stopped blogging!

Enjoy the following........

 There's nothing Whiskers loves more than a rug thrown on the lawn. He claims it straight away.
One very hot day we rested a door on the lawn for about an hour, and in that short time it burnt a rug-sized patch in the grass.
Whiskers decided that would do nicely, thank you!

Meanwhile, in the two years we have had Smudge, he has gone from a quiet and easily intimidated cat, often distant and clearly still unable to trust us not to treat him like his previous owners, who abandoned him in a derelict holiday centre during one of our most severe winters recently, to a loving boy who especially loves being carried on his dad's shoulder and dribbling with delight.

There's a bumble bee nest under my shed, right by the door. I sit in my shed doing arty stuff, and the bee can still get in and out, no problem. It took me a while to realise there was more than one bee. I thought bumble bees were solitary, but not all varieties it turns out. I have counted 7 bees using this nest.
They only nest for a few weeks, and their nests are small and intrusive, so why, when I googled bumble bee nests to find out more about them, did I have to wade through pages of how to destroy them?
Some people are so intolerant. Meanwhile it just so happens my buddlea has done better than any other year, and it's right next to the shed.

My landlady continues her battle with pigeons, who she thinks are removing straw from her thatch. She has bought so,me fake hawks and a ridiculous plastic owl that is completely ignored by the blackbirds, thank goodness.
Meanwhile.....up on her roof......

Two real, live kestrels regularly shelter from the wind. If that doesn't stop the pigeons, nothing will! Of course, she isn't even aware of their existence, and if she was she would probably want them shot.

Finally, I have changed the blog title to Stray Cat Cottage. Give me a month and I might be able to change the cover photo, too.