Friday, 4 September 2015

At The Races

We went to Salisbury races. I had not been before an it wasn't exactly what I expected. We did not realise that our pass to the grandstand and the paddock area excluded us entry to the one restaurant as well as a cafe. We had access to a loud bar selling real Cornish pasties, though, so things did not look so bad......until the chef said all the pasties were cheese & onion as they had ran out of traditional! Seeing as the races had not even started and it wasn't even noon, I would have thought a more likely explanation was they had messed up the order.
I don't mind a cheese & onion, but Den hates them, and he was very hungry.
Luckily a burger van came to the rescue. I was getting a headache by then, but there were no shops to buy aspirin so I just put up with it, and had it all day.
On top of that I did not back a winner out of eight races, not even by backing favourites.
On well. The horses were nice to look at. I was taking photos quite happily and didn't realise this was not allowed until just before we left, when I read it in the brochure.

My hanging basket looks so cheerful, and it was a half-price-forgotten-to-water-at-b&q one!

My white passion flower has finally bloomed!

Lovely sunset one day last week, a little reminder of what we have missed out on this miserable 'summer'. I write this in front of the warmth of the wood burning stove.