Sunday, 29 November 2015


So November is all but over. I spent it trying to ignore Christmas displays in shops, put out even before Halloween, because I still could not get over the quickness Summer turns to Autumn turns to Winter.
I wanted to spend a few more evenings outside after work before I was ready to cosy down indoors. Where has the time gone?
Meanwhile another stray has appeared. I told myself no, I'm not feeding it or giving it any sort of encouragement to hang around, but it's been up at the stables raiding the bins and becoming very unpopular with neighbours who may not be sympathetic. Traps were talked of, so I've started a feeding schedule in the safety of my garden, right away from anyone else. He's already got used to it, and during the wet and windy weather we've had at least I know he's sheltering somewhere with a full tummy.