Friday, 4 November 2016

Creature Comforts

As the nights draw in and the air chills, we have already had our first frost. I can only remember a couple of frosty days through last winter. The sea air tends to keep frost at bay.
Feeling the coming of winter, the cats have taken claim to their winter sleeping positions.
During the day Kitty owns the carpet directly in front of the stove.

Smudge and Whiskers sleep on opposite ends of the bed, keeping one eye on each other.
But in the evenings things change. Whiskers and Kitty migrate to my small sofa, one at each end. Smudge chooses his red cushion on the kitchen chair.
I also sit on my small, red sofa. I like putting my legs up and lounging, but with two cats happily snoozing on either end, I find myself sitting upright and uncomfortable in the middle.
I have tried moving one, but the look of disappointment I received was too much.
So I bought a square bean bag, exactly the right size to rest my legs on and still sit upright on the sofa.

Smudge ran in and made a leap for it. He loves it. He looks smugly at me as if he's saying thanks for this, mum!
Oh well, no slouching for me!
As for the poor feral cat, I've bought him a large wooden kennel, covered the large entrance with a piece of plywood that has a cat-sized hole cut in it and inside there's a fluffy carpet, a cat cushion and a brand new igloo.
Has he been inside? I can't tell, as I cannot see the entrance from my window. He certainly walks past it, and there are some bits of leaf and such inside, but I don't know for sure.

Friday, 26 August 2016

Cats just sleep!

It's sooooo hot here on the Isle of Wight! The beaches are buzzing, even late into the evening.
That's the best time of day for me, just sitting out on the patio under the large patio umbrella watching the sky turn dark and then the solar lights all come on. In the evenings we sometimes hear fireworks from the weekly summer displays a few miles down the road. ( if it wasn't for the trees I would be able to see them too)
The cats just sleep, all day and all night, only seeming to move when a shady spot suddenly gets the sun.
The stray has started hanging around after his feed, and also sleeping on the grass. Still can't touch him. He can visit two or three times a day, then we don't see him at all for a day. I wonder where he goes, and is he keeping out of trouble.
I have a large, wooden kennel ready for him for winter time, but whether he will ever use it remains to be seen.

Thursday, 2 June 2016

Catch up.

 Some photos from the last few weeks......


 Little bird, garden warbler I think, we saw it a lot in the spring but not recently. 

 Aquilegia, one of my favourite flowers.

 The swans at the Causeway have hatched their eggs. Seven cygnets! That's the most we've seen since we have been visiting this spot regularly over the past five years.

We don't see hedgehogs often here, but we found out that this cheeky chap has been taking the food we leave out for the stray cat. He ate a whole bowl full!

 Smudge on his favourite quilt, outside in the sun.

And on his second favourite blanket.....

The stray. Still being fed once, twice or sometimes three times a day. He will eat while I sit quietly near by, but after all this time he still won't let us get any closer, and stares at us as if we are about to throw a bucket of water over him. As soon as he's finished his food, which he always clears completely, he is off without a second glance back.
If only he knew what a safe home he could have, if only he would be brave enough to approach us instead of running away.

Sunday, 8 May 2016

Sunny all the way!

I'm going to write this and add photos straight from my kindlefire, which I now use as a tablet since my tablet died after 1 year of use!
Today has been so sunny, the birds are singing so loudly and, hey!, the apple blossom is coming out!
We have been down the beach,and then just lazed about at home, so let's see if I can add on instant pics!

Well, that was quick! And all done from on the patio!
Unfortunately Whiskers didn't appear until after I had uploaded all the photos, never mind. He's busy these days on patrol, protecting the house from the latest stray I have been feeding daily. Photos to come , as soon as I can get close enough!

Friday, 18 March 2016


My Rolly Boy died on Wednesday evening. He had to be put to sleep at the vets, where he had been kept in overnight on a drip. He was my first stray and I remember like it was yesterday how close I came to taking him to a cats home. He battled with thyroid trouble for three years, and ligament trouble that could not be fixed due to his age. His blood tests revealed his kidneys and liver were remarkably stable for his condition, but he stopped eating .
The day he was to be put to sleep, I had to work knowing at the end of the day I was to drive to the vets for a last good bye.
I miss my grumpy, fussy Rolly  Poly boy.

Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Work or Walk?

It's cloudy and cold, most of the little tourist shops are shut but the deli that sells lovely goats cheese & roasted veg pizza squares & lattes was open to I got a takeaway and went a walk down the estuary. I saw loads of birds, took some ok photos, some not so good. But the best thing about this walk was Monday afternoon & I should have been at work, but I was owed time so took it without any plans to do anything.
So while I was out in all this.......

............. I should really have been at work, inside four walls with only a view of a small town in January, watching the clock and waiting for 5.30pm so I can drive home in the dark

And next Monday that is exactly what I will be doing, while all the bird life and noises of the estuary go on as they do every day, whether I am there or not.