Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Work or Walk?

It's cloudy and cold, most of the little tourist shops are shut but the deli that sells lovely goats cheese & roasted veg pizza squares & lattes was open to I got a takeaway and went a walk down the estuary. I saw loads of birds, took some ok photos, some not so good. But the best thing about this walk was Monday afternoon & I should have been at work, but I was owed time so took it without any plans to do anything.
So while I was out in all this.......

............. I should really have been at work, inside four walls with only a view of a small town in January, watching the clock and waiting for 5.30pm so I can drive home in the dark

And next Monday that is exactly what I will be doing, while all the bird life and noises of the estuary go on as they do every day, whether I am there or not.

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Dartford Warbler said...

A precious afternoon of freedom and what a beautiful place to walk.