Thursday, 2 June 2016

Catch up.

 Some photos from the last few weeks......


 Little bird, garden warbler I think, we saw it a lot in the spring but not recently. 

 Aquilegia, one of my favourite flowers.

 The swans at the Causeway have hatched their eggs. Seven cygnets! That's the most we've seen since we have been visiting this spot regularly over the past five years.

We don't see hedgehogs often here, but we found out that this cheeky chap has been taking the food we leave out for the stray cat. He ate a whole bowl full!

 Smudge on his favourite quilt, outside in the sun.

And on his second favourite blanket.....

The stray. Still being fed once, twice or sometimes three times a day. He will eat while I sit quietly near by, but after all this time he still won't let us get any closer, and stares at us as if we are about to throw a bucket of water over him. As soon as he's finished his food, which he always clears completely, he is off without a second glance back.
If only he knew what a safe home he could have, if only he would be brave enough to approach us instead of running away.


Dartford Warbler said...

Lovely photos, all of them! Your aquilegias are so colourful.
Maybe your stray puss cat will be an outside member of the family, or maybe time will soften his terror so that he comes to accept you? Our neighbour has had a similar stray for five years or so. He lives in her log shed, in a waterproof box lined with blankets. He`s black and white like yours. He spends much of his day hunting rabbits in the fields, but is also well fed by the neighbour so his waistline is expanding! She has never been able to touch him.

Jenny said...

That may be the way to go, to make him a dry bed in one of the sheds. I have no idea where he sleeps at the moment, but it seems like he cannot relax he's so nervous.