Friday, 26 August 2016

Cats just sleep!

It's sooooo hot here on the Isle of Wight! The beaches are buzzing, even late into the evening.
That's the best time of day for me, just sitting out on the patio under the large patio umbrella watching the sky turn dark and then the solar lights all come on. In the evenings we sometimes hear fireworks from the weekly summer displays a few miles down the road. ( if it wasn't for the trees I would be able to see them too)
The cats just sleep, all day and all night, only seeming to move when a shady spot suddenly gets the sun.
The stray has started hanging around after his feed, and also sleeping on the grass. Still can't touch him. He can visit two or three times a day, then we don't see him at all for a day. I wonder where he goes, and is he keeping out of trouble.
I have a large, wooden kennel ready for him for winter time, but whether he will ever use it remains to be seen.